About the Hydrobike

HYDROBIKE combines the benefits of water training with the effects of hydro massage in one fitness device. Exercise on Hydrobike lead to fast results in process of cellulite fighting.


16 Hydromassage Jets are targeted on sensitive zones. Thanks to drainage effect, which activates lymphatic system, they are efficiently fighting against cellulite for women and reach body shape effects for men. 

Using the bike in combination with hydro-static water resistance and pressure leads to measurable results without the need of intense physical training.
  • Weight loss in stomach, thighs and bottocks area

  • Smooth and Toned Skin 

  • Removal of Toxins in the Body 

  • Improved Overall Physical Condition

  • Acceleration of Metabolism 

  • Muscle Strength

  • Anti-aging effects in skin

  • Boosts energy and vitality


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